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Welcome to the official blog of the New Zealand Presbyterian Archives Research Centre and the NZ Presbyterian Research Network.  We aim to share with you our Presbyterian heritage which is located  within a rich and  intriguing array of original material gathered over the past 170 years.  You will enjoy exploring with us how New Zealand Presbyterians have shaped their local churches and communities, and the many ways they have contributed to our national and international history.  Join with us as we connect the ‘past present and future’.


  1. I learned this site through Rev. Dr. John Roxborogh facebook.

    • Welcome Ikuko, I hope you enjoy the stories and information you read on our blog.

      • Thank you, preshist, for your kind acceptance. The recent earthquake in Christ Church, New Zealand concerned me most. More prayers are needed to empower all of us so that an immediate recovery will be promoted.

  2. I came across this site when looking for information about how various Canterbury churches are managing since the quakes, and i was delighted to see that the picture of Iona Church you are using in top banner, was one i took from the back lawn of the Manse at Port Chalmers when we lived there.( It matches nicely with the Ocean Mist background, too.) I love this site!! God bless your work! Lyn.

    • Thanks Lyn for your acknowledgement of photo and comments, I pleased to know who took the photo, we often wondered. I have meant to write up some comment re the banner, this will motivate me into doing something. Pleased you enjoy the site we have fun seeking topics to write about

  3. I found your site when i was researching an illustration similar to the Cradle Roll, called Beginner’s Department of the Saint James Church School. It is a work by C M Burd dated 1922. I believe the Church is or was in New York City. Have you ever run across any illustrations such as I have mention?

  4. A very interesting article. I have been researching ANZAC Biscuit recipes in Australia and I am keen to speak with Yvonne regarding this article as I would like to permission to include information on the St Andrew’s Cookery Book in my publication. I would also like to know the different editions that the ANZAC Crispies appeared in.

  5. Hi
    I came across this site while searching for archived information about St Albans Presbyterian Berwick St. The article you have contains a photograph of my deceased grandfather, Ivan Powell, who was the minister from 1971-1981… I was wondering where the photo was from and if I could get my hands on a copy please?

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