Notes of Interest

8 March 2010

Rising concern over restructuring of Archives NZ read link in ODT

Research Network

The first lecture for the 2010 will be on

Thursday 18 March 2010, 5.30-7pm

Church and Society-Crossing the Divide: unravelling the Presbyterian archives collections to enhance research.

An aspect of the archival mission is to seek ways to convey the nature of our holdings to a broad spectrum of users and researchers.   This means we are required to discern what changing patterns and trends are taking place in the field of research to assist researchers make sense of our collections for their purposes.  This lecture will explore the research possibilities found within the Church’s rich resources that touch the disciplines of history, peace studies, gender studies, cultural studies, and public and religious theology.

By:  Yvonne Wilkie, Director of the Presbyterian Archives Research Centre            
Knox Centre Seminar Room, Hewitson Wing

Knox College, Arden Street Opoho

Refreshments at 5pm  :    Gold coin donation 



A well deserved Honour to a great NZ Church Historian read more …


Found these two links and which are very encouraging for those of us interested in Religious and Church History.  I find them most encouraginmg for Church Archives we need to continue to promote our resources widely. Robert B. Townsend, “A New Found Religion? The Field Surges among AHA Members,” Perspectives, December, and Scott Jaschik, “Religious Revival,” IHE, 21 December,

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